Welcome to Ancestral Fitness. 

If you are here, it's probably because, like me, you have come to the conclusion that there is more to being fit than what we do in the gym. 

We live in a time of great impatience. Technologies such as Zoom and the inability to unplug from an online existence have conspired to erode the boundaries between work and personal time. This coupled with the 'work from home' culture forced upon us by the pandemic means that personal time is at a premium. To maximise this, people want to save time elsewhere. Shopping gave way to online shopping with express home delivery. Cooking gave way to zapping ready meals in a microwave and exercise turned into 'express' maximum death in minimum time scenarios.  


It's my belief that this is not only UNNATURAL, its UNHEALTHY and therefore it's UNSUSTAINABLE. Fitness and health has sleepwalked into becoming a parody of itself. We have industry leading athletes and influencers promoting macro friendly pre-made meals, pre-packaged in plastics for immediate and easy microwaving. It doesnt matter if its organic, free range, grass fed or a 'superfood'. If it arrives at your door in bulk in plastic boxes, its a ready meal. Looking objectively at providing true health, this has no place. Its easy to look at macros (ironically a micro view of healthy eating and nutrition). However, as with all things, reality is nuanced. The hormonal impacts of the packaging, the environmental impact of single use food containers, the nutrient depletion from microwaves and so on.


Unsustainable high intensity training, a lack of development of natural and ancestral motor patterns and degrees of freedom have turned fitness into an unhealthy pursuit for many. Jacking up on caffeine loaded pre workout drinks and training until left collapsed in a cortisol saturated heap on the floor. Day after day after day. Space constraints have turned fitness into a fast experience, the gym needs you out the door in an hour to fill the spaces for the next class because they have 150 plus people to turn around through just 5-6 peak classes a day. The space in the class and focus on the 'sport' aspect of 'functional fitness' means that clients are only exposed to a limited number of movements. When was the last time you went to a class and did rolls, cartwheels or pirouettes? Moved backwards and sideways? 

This is what Ancestral Fitness aims to address by blogs, social media posts and YouTube videos. To educate and share support and new findings of ancient truths. To eat for function, to use food as it was intended: as critical fuel and medicine for the body. To expand the nutritional repertoire for health. To use our bodies to have a human experience by interacting fully with our environments. To move in multiple directions. To carry. To jump. To roll. To brachiate. To be more human. To be ANCESTRAL.