What Is Ancestral Fitness?

If you are anything like me, you will have noticed a shift, a gradual sleep walking of the fitness industry towards the realm of convenience. 

We have athletes and influencers advocating for and promoting pre-made, pre-packaged meals. Delivered to your door in single use plastics (for the most part) ready for you to zap in the microwave. But hey! As long as it fits your templated macros, right? Its ironic that macros are actually a micro view of eating. The way we cook things is just as important:

  • Do your pans have nickel in them?

  • Are you reheating in plastics?

  • What oils have your foods been cooked with?

  • Do I have a broad and varied spectrum of amino acids?


These are more nuanced ways to look at food and have significant impacts on health. It doesn't matter if its organic, grass fed or a superfood. If its pre made and you microwave it, its a ready meal!


It's time to reassess how we see food and utilise it as it was intended: to deliver a broad spectrum of nutrients and as medicine for the body. Eating chicken breasts everyday might help you get a six pack, but its restrictive and its unsustainable both for you and the environment.

The same thing goes for our physical fitness. When functional training first burst onto the scene, it was all about moving in new ways, moving in more natural ways. Like everything though, as time moves forwards it changed and shifted to looking more like maximum fitness death in minimum time.


The economics of the gym business meant that now classes shifted to the conveyor belt model. Gyms went from small garage affairs to feeling they needed 20 row ergs, ski ergs, bike ergs and the startup costs now mean its got to be bodies in the door to make a living. I was in a CrossFit gym last year where the cafe sold candy bars, potato chips and cans of soda. Thats a total disconnect. 

When was the last time you went to a functional fitness class and did flips, pirouettes or cartwheels? Moved sideways? Brachiated? Gone is the notion of moving in a way that is natural and ANCESTRAL. Now, gyms have clients moving as space and equipment dictates. (What happened to 'we are the machines'?)


We arent moving our bodies the way they were intended to move, with 6 degrees of FREEDOM across 6 primordial movement patterns. Instead its up and down on the spot. Squats, Cleans, Snatches, Wall Balls, Thrusters, Pull Ups, Box Jumps. They all occur in the same plane of motion (lift *up and down). 

Health and fitness is about reflecting upon what it means to be human. Its about fully interacting with whatever environment we find ourselves in. Its about being outdoors and recharging from the planet. Its about eating nose to tail and preserving the ecosystem. To train and fuel ourselves more healthily, more naturally and more sustainably. Its about getting back to basics and being more ANCESTRAL!